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Friday, January 23, 2015

Bible ARt Journaling: MAKE YOUR OWN JOURNAL + BIBLE ART Week 4

Hello friends!
How are you doing this beautiful Friday?  It is not only Bible Art Journaling day here on this blog, but on my other blog it is New Stamp Release day each Friday, so a very busy day for me!  But a great one and one I've been wanting to share with you!

First up, let me share the Bible Art Journaling I did in my Art Journaling Bible (using the 3 new stamps that just came in the GodblessyourART etsy shop today:
 I chose 2 Timothy chapter 2 to work on today since I love these instructions and what we learn (and can rest in) about our God...He knows who are His.  What a comforting thought!
 I've also been working in a journal I have made.  I wanted a smaller amount of pages than I found in store-bought journals AND I wanted each segment of Romans I art journal to be in different journals.  I had seen Teesha Moore's Amazing 16 page Art Journal tutorial on youtube before and decided now was the right time to try it out.  I LOVE IT! I linked her first part of the tutorial so you can see it.

I made the first one out of Bristol paper and the second one I made with the paper she recommends on the video.  I like them both, but the Bristol paper does seem less fold friendly, but that could be my particular type of paper I picked up at Michaels.

I also got the wrong dimensions the first time around because my paper wasn't big enough.  But different sized pages are always welcome in a journal I am working in, so I just went with it.  

I have painted all the pages with Golden's Liquid Acrylic paints and begun to sketch in with pencil how I think I'm going to progess with the first page and some on the title page.  I'll take photos of these each week to add to my Friday post to show you the progress I've made and how I'm doing these pages.  I also cut some to make them more interesting inside.  And, I never like the painting I do at the start, but the pages won't look much like they do now when I'm finished so if you find the same thing, try not to worry about the underpaintings you do:   Here it is closed (stays very flat, surprisingly):
 I turned the book around (you'll notice 'sin' is upside down above).  The blue flap opens up the book and this flap was tucked under the front cover.  I pulled it out to show will be the chapter titles of the book of Romans I am studying:
 So the flap you see up above is to the left (with the Hymn Girl holding the gospel) and I've sketched what I'm thinking I want to do.  I highly recommend you always sketch in pencil to make sure everything you want gets in there and fits, and that you like it.  If not, you can erase and start over...not so when you begin using your pen/marker to fill in...

This shows the pencil of what I am wanting to do more clearly above.  See the 'wave' at the top of the yellow paper? Notice when I turn the page below it is on the left side.  And I pull out another flap to the right:
Turd the page and this is what is next:
 Turn the page again and you get these:
 Finally, is this page (appropriately in brown for this shall be chapter 3 'all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God' page---I always mark sin BROWN in my Bible so it fit):
 And that turns to show the back of the journal, with all the flaps out so you can see them.
 Above you can see all the pages if you stand it up...
 But it is remarkably thin when folded up
I hope you enjoyed today's post!  This is my favorite past time right now, working on this journal!  Let me know if you make one yourself for whatever bible study you are working on!  What a wonderful keepsake of your learning!!

May God bless your HEART...and you ART!
(SKETCHY ALPHABET stamps from my Inspired Stamp online etsy shop were used to stamp ROMAN CH 1-3, and the HYMN GIRL inside with the GOSPEL STAMP ( 1 CORINTHIANS 15:4-6) at

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lettering Journal

Hello friends!
Some people collect shoes; I collect journals.  I love them all...big ones, small ones, round ones, ones to write in, watercolor paper ones, and on and on.   I usually see decorating the front cover as delicious as licking the frosting off the spoon, it's such a wonderful time!  Today was no different!

I have a MOLESKEINE SQUARED notebook (large)---I got mine with a gift card at the book store but found this link in case you want to see it better  HERE.   It's perfect to practice lettering or drawing in (I know mine is for lettering and I have others for drawing, but it all kinda happens at the same time for me so don't be surprised if I post pages of this in the future and there is a sketch of an upcoming Hymn Girl stamp in there lol).

I put Golden's Liquid acrylic in white on parts of it because I intended to keep it black and white and just write LETTERING on the front.  But that didn't happen so I ended up putting shiny liquid acrylics in pink and blue over the dried white:
Daler-Rowney FW603201122 Pearlescent Liquid Acrylic Ink 1 oz. Sun-up BlueHere's the blue I used.

Here's the journal:
 I put a glossy gel medium to adhere the HYMN GIRL: SEPTEMBER (Inspired Stamps found HERE) on a piece of white tissue paper to the journal.  I colored her and everything else with Copic Markers and outlined in Micron and Sharpies:

 Above is a peek into what I have done for a front cover of a journal I made for the Bible Art Journaling post.  I'm camped out in Romans chapter 1-3 in this particular journal so SIN is the overarching topic and will be my title.  I was playing around with different fonts to see what I wanted to do with it and here are a couple of pages I used.  I am a note-taker so I always have notes with ideas for a font or if something strikes me I may want to use with a specific purpose in a future page I'm already thinking about.

I'll be back Friday afternoon/evening with my Bible Art Journaling post and I'll give you the link I used to make this particular journal (I can't stop making these and I know some of you will have to make some too!)
Blessings and May God bless your HEART...and your ART,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hand Lettering in week 4: Memorizing Scripture in a Grateful Journal

Hello friends!
Today I photographed my entire creative process for you to see how I created the artwork part of my Memorizing Scripture in a Grateful Journal this week! 

First I used some Golden's Liquid Acrylic.  LOVE. THIS. STUFF!
I put it on with a damp paintbrush and then wiped some off in pouncing motions to give some dimension to the background:
I knew what verse I want because I am memorizing Romans 5:1-11 and next up is Romans 5:4, which has the word HOPE in it, I wanted to stand out.  At this point that is all I knew about what I wanted to do, so I used these two INSPIRED STAMPS stamp sets: BIBLE ART JOURNALING: BANNERS  and BIBLE ART JOURNALING: WORD MIX 1 (both in the etsy shop at the end of this post).  I also used a new set that is coming out this Friday called BIBLE ART JOURNALING: STITCHES AND BULLET POINTS:
I used a Crayola erasable colored pencil to lightly sketch a heart around the stamped word 'hope', and stamped banner and xxxx border because it was handy, but recommend a mechanical pencil and kneaded eraser which I usually use (erasing this pencil took more paint off and smeared some things my usual pencil/eraser would not).

I sketched in wiggly lines as guides and the words, having to erase to get better placement (this is part of how it works for's rarely a first time try with lettering!):
Next I took a Micron black pen 03 and went slowly (key to this) over each letter:
Then I thickened the letters and added some loop-de-loops to the S and Cs then erased the pencil marks.
Above, you see I began coloring with a pink marker...
Til it was all colored in!
I used my Micron and white Signo pen to add more to this:
and put it in my Scripture Memorization in a Grateful Journal:
I will do similar on the adjacent page next week in a different shape so the pages go together well. 

Let me know if you stop by!  I love hearing from you!
I'll be back here Friday with a couple of different Bible Art Journaling projects I'm working on!!
May God bless your HEART...and your ART!
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Bible Art Journaling: Week 3

Hello friends!
Today's BIBLE ART JOURNALING post is a simple one but one I really love the reminder of :PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!!  What an important reminder that we are to be in communion with our God throughout the day!  I used a few tools for this verse:  2 BRAND NEW INSPIRED STAMPS (you can find now in my etsy shop at   I used the word"PRAY" from the BIBLE ART JOURNALING: WORD MIX1 set:
Here are the markers I used (I mark inductively so the word pray has a green marking with a yellow inside as I mark pray the same throughout my study bible, and want to include that in my art journaling bible as well).  It's a MICRON 05 green pen; I wrote the words with MICRON 005 black.  The rest is easier to figure out (I think...let me know if you have a specific question!):
Here are a view different views of the bible page.  (There is much more space to get other thoughts, lists, verses on these passages left so don't think the page is complete):
 If you click on the photo below you will see the verse clearly.  I doodled around it and colored it in after marking pray:
 Here's the whole page view with lots of room for the next time I'm in this part of the Bible:
I hope you enjoyed this.  I am working on my Romans Art Journaling pages just for the first part of chapter one and it is taking quite a while to map out what I'm wanting the pages to be.  I will post an update on those with photos even if I am not much further along next Friday so you can see what I'm up to.  I am trying some new ideas, which always take me longer than if I stick with what I've done before (but where is the fun in that?) lol

Thanks for tuning in!  I will see you next Friday with another update on my Bible Art Journaling venture!  Wednesday I have an update scheduled for my memorizing Scripture in a Gratitude Journal post! 

Have a blessed week!
May God bless your HEART...and your ART!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Week 3: Memorizing Scripture in a Grateful Calendar

Hello friends!
  Today I am sharing my latest entry into our 52 Weeks of Memorizing Scripture in a Grateful Calendar and also giving a peek at a new stampset that will be coming to my etsy shop Friday:  BIBLE ART JOURNAL: BANNERS

 I also added the stamp IM THANKFUL FOR... to the top of the pages in this Grateful Journal:

Excited to share with you the Bible Art Journaling I'm working on...I'll have it posted by Monday!!

Until then,
May God bless your HEART...and your ART,

Friday, January 9, 2015

Bible Art Journaling: week 1 (Psalm 100: Thanksgiving)

Hello friends,
I am so excited to share with you the first of our 52 Weeks of Bible Art Journaling posts!  As I mentioned before, there will be a couple of different books I am working in.  One is my Journaling Bible that I am designating as my ART JOURNALING BIBLE which came to me looking like this:
I can't wait to show you what all I've done to both the inside and outside to personalize it!  The other book I'll be using is a Dylusions Journal (you'll see the first pages in this next Friday on the first chapter of Romans) where I can put more info down than I can in the margin of my bible:
 So what is Bible Art Journaling?  It is journaling with the use of any artistic style.  This can be writing the verse down in a pretty handwritten font, or even getting the verse down with an image around it, like in the examples I have here:
I have the 'letter' from Paul in the upper left hand corner and 'Ephesus' below, with the Scripture from Ephesians 1:1 written in.

Here is Ephesians 1:2 and 1:3 and you'll see I've got artwork to match my thoughts on the verse:

Another way to Bible Art Journal is to write the verse, write what it means, and write the truth from it (or an application that is found there).  I lead inductive Bible studies and we do this in written form in our studies (
TFTT is Truth From The Text (application):

In the one above I used a stamp for the Romans verse in Romans 12:2 you see in the orange box for those pages.
I'll have a version of this a little more detailed next weekend for the start of my Romans Bible Art Journaling.

Here is Bible Art Journaling done very simply (one way---I have more to share later but don't want to overwhelm you today) where I have used the inductive study tool of marking my text for the LORD and those that are His (His sheep/we/us) in my Art Journaling Bible.

  I could have made a list of all I learned about God in the space I used to rewrite an important verse I want to remember in this verse, or even what we are to do, according to Psalm 100:  Make a joyful noise, serve the Lord, come singing into His presence, Know He's god, He made us and not we ourselves, etc.  That is observing the text to see what God actually said before I try to dig into what He means.  So much to learn by studying this way.  I love that I can pull out key takeaways from His word and get them in the margin!  I used plain copier paper on the side and then showed you how I colored, added the stamp GIVE THANKS, and drew arrows below this page:

This is what it looks like on the Bible page.  Like I said, it's one way to Bible Art Journal.  I love doing both, as I feel it adds to the time I spend with the verses, meditating on God's Word and 'thinking on it'!

I will be back with more of this and will try to hold off posting until next weekend, but I get excited to share with you!!  Leave me a message and let me know if you have any questions or even that you are here looking around!  I hope this has been helpful!

May God bless your HEART...and your ART!
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