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Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 26: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
Today we shall tackle the blank page!!
Yesterday I took you through all the efforts I took to make sure this page worked out well with my Pan Pastels.  And here is how today's sesson went!

First, I read through and moaned in my heart that I have only enough time left in March to really choose a verse from this RICH SECTION OF SCRIPTURE and focus on it for my artwork.  But I may incorporate some of the other as we go along, so I quieted my resistance, and set to work:
I got out my sets of Pan Pastels (if you are new to this, google them or youtube them, there is a lot of info about them out there).  I love them so much and they are blend-able and erasable!

I knew I wanted to focus on the verse "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path"  A lamp shows bright light up close; this is why we need God's Word DAILY...He gives us what we need for the moment.  But it also is a light unto my guides where I go next!  I knew I wanted to use one of my Hymn Girls (Inspired Stamps) and HYMN GIRLS: DECEMBER has a girl with her book/hymnal open...I made it the bible.  I also wanted 'light' to come from it to her feet, and I knew I wanted a path.
I stamped her, cut her out and laid her (not glued down yet) to the side to help me figure where I wanted my sky.  I didn't cover the words, but made a sky around them instead.
I did the same thing with green but apparently forgot to photograph that part lol.  And created a path under her using an eraser to help make the path more clear:

I stamped the word 'BIBLE' from the same stamp set onto her book so it's clear what she's reading (notice the part under her is smooth green at this point and the pen from the other side is not showing...yet)
Then I sprayed with hairspray to set it is the writing from behind showing through...bu only where I had pen. The micron work and the other Frixion work does not show through.  Lesson learned!  So I will be putting something over these sections tomorrow, keeping with the 'scene' I've created on this page.  I share this with you because as you try new things you WILL have some effect you dislike and you need to keep it in perspective, not worrying that you've 'ruined' anything. Most things can be covered with a cute sticker or copy paper shape!  Don't let it stress you, but see it as an opportunity to do a little more creatively.

Tomorrow I will share the fixes (which made my heart happy because there was more I wanted to tackle here anyhoo!

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

March 25: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends,
Here is our last two pages complete, note that I used a regular writing pen on the section for GOD/ME in the inside of the margin and the UNGODLY under the acetate piece:
And we move on to the next pages...
Nothing is showing through and only a little wrinkling! I  noted the pen I used because I will not be using pen again, due to the strong impression it makes (you'll see why in a minute)

So we have these two pages, a page behind this one and half a page, and 6 days to complete it....challenge, accepted!

I got out my Pan Pastels and began experimenting on the page in the back of my bible.  I tried all kinds of fixatives, clear gesso, and other base items to see what will smear what will wrinkle the pages, etc.  I also do not want to cover God's Word with any medium I use:
I found a fixative that works really well and it's called my hairspray!!  Seriously, spent about $40 on different fixatives, and my hairspray worked best at sealing the pan pastels to my paper!:
Ok, spent today's time trying out different mediums on that last blank page of my Bible.  Your turn!  Get out your markers, pens, gessos, etc. and try out different things on the last blank page in your bible!  Tomorrow We will have a big page to do...

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

March 24: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!

Today we are finishing up the 4th full page, and about to start doing full page spreads to give you other ways of Bible Art Journaling!

I put this verse in blue and it so much!
This verse shows the SOVEREIGNTY of our God...ALL things are your servants!  I wanted this verse to pop out so I put in to the side!  God's sovereignty is one of His attributes that comforts me greatly and reminds me He is completely in control, so nothing can surprise Him or touch me without His permission!

May God bless your HEART...and your ART,

March 23: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!

How are you doing?  I hope you have begun some work in your own Bible Art Journal!  Feel free to email me at and share a picture of what you are doing...I'd love to see!

Today I have a simple post again using just a few verses.  I hope you are letting yourself take small chunks of Scripture to meditate on throughout the day!  I will be showing you how to take an entire page and make a page layout as we move to the next page in our bible, so if you are wanting to see how to do less on a page, your day is coming!

When leading my inductive study bible studies, I always emphasize the significance of 'time phrases'.  They tell a lot about a passage at times and keeps you understanding important time sequences, essential in certain books of the bible like Genesis, the gospels, and the books of Daniel, 2 Thessalonians, and Revelation.
     In this passage above, what an awesome time phrase to really think about.  God's Word is FOREVER firmly fixed in the heavens.  Always.  Never a change to a single word or truth.  Fixed, not just here but in the heavens.  Forever!  Amazing! Your time in God's Word will be something you take with your forever!
I wanted to emphasize that word FOREVER so I put this is stickers.

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

March 22: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
Today we are going further in Psalm 119, and going to see who the opposition is that causes our psalmist (and us) distress and what our response is to be.  Great day of study!

Seeing how our paragraph begins with our souls longing, hoping and asking of God for comfort, we find out what the psalmist is dealing with in verses 84-87.  I boxed them in orange Frixion marker and drew and arrow to point to my lists and thoughts (and a quick word study):

Here we see who the insolent are:  the ungodly.  I listed above what they do, just taking the words straight from our biblical text (doing this keeps me from taking a wrong meaning from scripture).  These ungodly work actively against the believer, persecuting, digging pitfalls, lying, almost destryoying....but God.  God saves, God gives strength, God protects, God causes us to endure in the midst of our psalmist, as we should also, turns not to his friends.  Not to his armies.  But to God, hoping in His Word! 

How are you doing with your own Bible Art Journaling?  I have treasured each email you have sent and as I continue to receive them I am amazed at how God works through this to bring others all over the world to Himself and I am humbled at our Great God!!  If you have a question or a comment, you can leave it here or email me at and I will get back with you as soon as I am able!

May God bless your HEART...and your ART!

March 21: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends!
Today I went again to a small passage and looked at what I can learn about what I'm supposed to be doing when troubled times come:
I decided to just really meditate on these four verses.  Look how the psalmist keeps his eyes on God.  Verbs like "my soul longs for your salvation", "I hope in your word", etc are really powerful and beg the question of my own soul. "Do I long for God's salvation in this circumstance?  Do I hope in His Word? Am I asking Him for what I need, be it comfort or clarity or strength?"  I decided to put these verbs simply in the side margin for today's Bible Art Journaling:
Tomorrow I will look at the rest of this section and do some more questioning of the text (observation)

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,

Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20: Beginning Bible Art Journaling

Hello friends,
Today we are using a decorative piece of transparency I had from an ATC pack I used a couple of years ago in a project:
I trimmed the piece so it would fit...
 Highlighted this very awesome verse (a great reminder to me as a bible study teacher, as to the responsibility to share His Word!)
I wanted to highlight God in this so I put this under...
 Added some fun washi tape to secure the right side, then pieces for the left...
So what fun piece of material do you have laying around that you could add to your Bible today?  Remember, the first week of our Beginning Bible Art Journaling I showed you how to do everything you need to with a piece of printer paper and a pen (and colored pencils).  You can get all the information down using just those materials. 

I'll be back tomorrow with more!

May God bless your ART...and your HEART,